Top advantages of buying a property in Dubai

People are all about renting apartments or villas in Dubai. They believe renting is the best option available because it’s near impossible to get a UAE nationality if you are not from the GCC region. So, if you are not enjoying the benefits of UAE nationals, why buy a property in Dubai. If such are your thoughts then let us tell you 11 advantages of buying a property in Dubai. If they won’t blow you away, they’ll certainly coax you into thinking about buy property in Dubai

Excellent Rental Returns

The rental returns in Dubai’s real estate market are simply amazing. Don’t believe us, have a loot at the cost of living in Dubai and consider your major expense. If you have an apartment or villa in Dubai on rent then you are having a steady stream of passive income to enjoy. Who wants to work anyway. The maintenance costs are also quite low and are usually paid by the tenants. What’s more? You get to receive one year’s complete rent upfront and you can use it to invest in another real estate property in Dubai. It’s a win win from every angle you consider!

Constant Property Value Appreciation 

The real estate properties in Dubai are constantly gaining in value. People who buy an apartment or villa in Dubai never regret it as the value never decreases. If you have invested in a residential, commercial or hotel property in Dubai you will always be able to sell it at a higher value later on in the future. If you are an individual or a property agent in Dubai, this aspect of the real estate property will be equally appealing for you. 

High Demand for Realty

The real estate units in Dubai are always high in demand. All you need to do is to buy in the right locality. Since the government of Dubai is already banking on its realty sector and investing heavily in it, you can rest assured that there will always be people willing to buy your property at higher prices. Dubai is a multicultural expat hub where people of all nationalities are working for a better future. These people are always looking for better places to live in and your recently brought unit is precisely  what they are looking for. 

Dubai is Safe 

When it comes to safety and security, Dubai never lags behind. The emirate has adopted all possibilities to heighten the security and safety that is provided to the foreign and local residents. It is one of the most modern cities in the MENA Region and its economy is also stable. This is probably why DUbai invests heavily in the execution of law and order. If you are looking forward to living in the Middle East and seeking the safest option available, Dubai is the best city you have. 

These were the top advantages of buying a property in Dubai. We hope they were enough to coax you into buying a property in the emirate. If you are looking towards buying a property in Dubai, you can buy it through auctions on Chiragh.

Anish Diggle

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