Face Foundation: What You Should Know Before Buying

When it comes to makeup, one of the first products most of us are introduced to—aside from mascara and tinted lip balm—is the foundation. This face makeup product is a staple for makeup beginners and pros alike, and for a good reason

What is Face Foundation?

Face foundation is a range of makeup products that promise to cover imperfections like redness and blemishes. These products generally have a mixture of matte and shiny particles and also come in both waterproof and powder formulas. The type of face makeup you use will depend on your skin type, as well as how dry, oily or combination your skin is. What are the key ingredients that go into Face Foundation? Whether you are using a cream or a liquid foundation, the key ingredients in the product are the pigments, surfactants, emulsifiers and fragrance. For your face makeup product to have a long-lasting and dewy finish, pigments should be gentle and water-resistant. On the other hand, emulsifiers are used to make the product hydrated, as well as help keep the formulas smooth.

The Different Types of Face Foundations

While there’s no shortage of face makeup products on the market, some are better than others, depending on the type of purpose you’re seeking for your new makeup purchase. Liquid foundation (lightweight liquid) : the most popular and affordable kind of foundation. Liquid foundation works well for everyday wear, as it doesn’t settle into fine lines and doesn’t smell like you’ve been carrying around a can of wet paper towels all day. Liquid foundation isn’t a great pick for those who are worried about getting a good match (read: full coverage) because it can be hard to distinguish whether you’re putting on a product that will sink into fine lines or fit the natural texture of the skin.

How to Choose the Best Face Foundation for You

Although many find the foundation application process to be difficult, there are a number of factors to consider when shopping for Best Face Foundation in Pakistan. I am joined today by Bresha Tolbert, a New York-based makeup artist who has been in the industry for over 15 years and who regularly works with celebrities and has become one of the leading makeup artists in the movement on Instagram. Tolbert is also the founder of The Face Foundation, a skincare and foundation brand that she started with her own skin care line (a connection she shares with Francesca Bettinelli, founder of the line that inspired her to create the company). For beauty enthusiasts, finding a foundation that works well for them is one of the most daunting aspects of makeup. Do you have a dark complexion? Are you oily?

When Should You Apply Face Foundation?

The right time to apply the face makeup product is crucial in achieving the look you want. In fact, according to the law of natural progression, the ‘right’ time to apply your foundation is right after you’ve applied your concealer. But if you’re just a few days out from your hair color change, and your foundation color is still the same, it may be a good idea to go ahead and apply the foundation then. Otherwise, you may end up using a face makeup product that’s the exact same color as your hair color. Another helpful tip? Make sure you use a foundation primer to give your face more support. To see how the three shades below would look, you’ll want to apply your base immediately after your concealer.

How to Apply Face Foundation Correctly

Many makeup applicators contain mica powders to give your face a natural glow. However, these powders also contain iron oxides, which can cause a rash and discoloration on the skin. Instead of using a powder to apply your foundation, a gel-based foundation is best. What to Look for in a Face Powder Many foundations contain mica, which is a mineral that provides your skin with color and provides a healthy glow. This mineral also contains iron oxides, which are strong, dense, and don’t easily absorb or dispense from the surface of the skin. If you have a darker skin tone, you’ll want to look for a mineral-based mineral foundation, as these often have higher percentages of mica.

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