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The wise say that there remain good and bad effects with everything that comes in your life. Things again prove that they were very much correct. This lockdown that was censored for preventing a calamity worldwide, had also some good effects and bad effects on you, especially when you are an asthma patient.

While starting to talk about asthma, there always come the inhalers in between – so do not forget to have your Asthalin Inhaler or Aerocort Inhaler from Arrowmeds with you. Apart from that, there is the lockdown – yes, lockdown put you and all asthma patients some relief and at the same time some hazards too.

Now coming to the point, what were the benefits that you got from the lockdown for your asthma? And also what were the hazards that you faced or still are facing?

The good side at first of course

Coming to the better end, there were no smokes of factories, no fuel smokes, and nothing like those things during the lockdown. To you, there can be no better a gift than that one, by any means.

One of the major ingredients for asthma triggers are those smokes, those pollutions and in your life, you never have dreamt of a day, where you can remain free from all those. The lockdown suddenly made things happen in a way, that was very much unimaginable the very day before.

Thinking that so many nations, who feel factories are their hearts and their running means their life is on, would stop functioning of their hearts deliberately. Keeping apart the idea of one-day stoppage of pollution flow, it became a year’s plan for the nations – and thus bringing out the golden year for all asthma patients – why?

During that time, you hardly needed to go for the Asthalin Inhaler or Aerocort Inhaler from Arrowmeds. Isn’t that the best possible outcome for you, in your entire life?

Yes, of course, they were – you didn’t have to bother for your health during this time when you had asthma. While the sufferings from asthma and its triggers were something common each day, near to few months, you remained away from all these. That was the real boon to you and the grace of that was through a simple man-spoiling virus.

The bad side at last

Wherever there is some good end, there has to be some bad end at the same time, and that is the case with the lockdown too. Lockdown has an effect directly on your asthmatic good health. Due to lack of pollution and smokes all around, you faced a condition, where you started to wonder even – do your asthma got cured?

But, the thought survived for few months only, until you got out with the masks on to the roads. However, there is one thing which is really a wonderful come out from all these, which people are least talking about.

There are some monstrous personalities who claimed that Global warming and the increase of CO2 are for the exhale of the human population. However, population while remained almost unaltered during lockdown – reduced the pollution, warming effect, and co2 level to null. This refers to one thing clearly – it’s not the population that is killing us; rather that’s the automation that is killing us.

More the automation, more the factories, and more the co2 in the air – this truth revealed itself during this lockdown. However, the statistics that are visible with naked eyes won’t make sense to those monstrous personalities, as they only believe in the statistics that are profitable to their notion.

However, for you, lockdown brought the masks before you and these masks created and are still continuing to create menace for you. First of all, the researchers have to clearly state that the paper or clothed masks are simply non-effective over the virus. But, there is a continuous effort of the so-called well-wishers to impose the masks on you.

Might be, the words of the researchers won’t have reached their large ears, but our small and weak ears heard them strictly. Whatever that is, the other words of researchers, that came out to us a few years before the lockdown states that wearing a mask for long hours creates an enormous blockage of air within and hence affects your heart and lungs.

Why is it so?

The question now is why it is so – and the answer needs no need of scientific knowledge though. The masks have pores in them, which allow air to breathe in, to get inside. However, the air that normally gets in is totally blocked by them, and hence, you now take on not more than 30% of the air you accepted earlier.

So, the respiratory organs are in big trouble with the masks put on, and to be very much accurate on the words – the asthma patients are in big trouble. Not only the earlier patients but those who were non-patients have started to carry Asthalin Inhaler or Aerocort Inhaler from Arrowmeds already. It will not be surprising if, after one year, inhalers would be the companion of your mobile phone in your purse. However, will there be anyone to blame the masks for the same, or those who are imposing masks on you?

Anish Diggle

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